Treatment/ Services
Dental care is vital to many pet's well being.  
Complete dental care including cleaning and
polishing is available, as well as instructions
and materials for home care.

In House Laboratory
Our Kodak Ektachem Serum Analyzer allows
rapid evaluation of sick pets, avoiding the delay
of sending samples to outside labs.  We can
efficiently monitor the progress of each case
while hospitalized or on an outpatient basis.  
Routine pre surgical screening is also available
to help reduce the risk of anesthesia.  In
addition to the Serum Analyzer, we are able to
perform Feline Leukemia, FIV, Parvo,
Heartworm (microfilaria and occult) and various
other tests.  Several outside labs are used to
give full blood profiles when the delay is not

Normandy Animal Hospital is equipped with the
latest radiograph machine, including a rapid
processor which develops the X-ray films in 90
seconds.  Often critical films and diagnosis can
be made during an office call.  Various special
and contrast studies can be accomplished in
house also.

The surgery suite has been remodeled as a
separate hospital unit to maximize efficiency
and ensure sterility during any procedure.  
Several anesthetic protocols are available,
including isoflurane gas, ensuring that each
pet's needs are appropriately addressed.  
During surgery vital signs and anesthetic levels
are carefully monitored and recorded.  For pets
requiring special care a veterinarian
specializing in orthopedic surgery is available.  
He comes to our clinic on an individual need

We stock the full line of Hill's and Purina's
Therapeutic Diets, which are available to cover
each pets individual needs throughout their life.
Phone (314) 383-4677