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What does spaying your pet mean?

A spay (ovariohysterectomy) is the surgical removal of both ovaries and the uterus, preventing you pet from becoming pregnant and having "heat" cycles. This is a permanent procedure, so the benefits last a lifetime. Your dog or cat reaches sexual maturity at approximately 6 months of age. At this time your pet will be able to become pregnant.

Why should I have my dog or cat spayed?

  1. Pet overpopulation continues to be a leading cause of death in dogs and cats in the United States. Millions of cats and dogs are killed each year.
  2. Over 50,000 unwanted pets in the St. Louis metropolitan area are killed each year. Even if you can find a home for your pet's litter, that means less homes for pets that are already in shelters.
  3. Spaying will eliminate "heat" cycles. A female dog will go into heat (estrus) approximately every 7-9 months. She will bleed from her vulva and her vulva and mammary glands (nipples) will swell. Female cats have unpredictable "heat" cycles. Many cats will stay in "heat" until they become pregnant. A female cat in heat will vocalize (a crying noise) raise her rear end and rub her rear end on objects. When a female dog or cat is in "heat" she will also allow a male to impregnate her.
  4. Spaying will keep your pet from developing a pyometra, which is a severe infection of the uterus. A dog or cat that develops a pyometra is very sick and will need an emergency surgery to remove the infected uterus. Many animals die from this disease, even with surgery.
  5. A spayed animal can not develop ovarian or uterine cancer.
  6. Spaying your pet at a young age will significantly reduce the chance of mammary (breast) cancers or tumors.

List of common Misconceptions/ Myths:

  1. Your spayed pet will not loose the personality that you have come to love.
  2. Spaying will not cause your pet to gain or lose weight. Diet, exercise and metabolic rate determine your pet's weight, not their reproductive status.
  3. Animals do not need to experience sex to be mature, or to feel fulfilled. Your love, care and comfort provide these things.
  4. Spaying does not cause unnecessary pain to your pet. They will be completely anesthetized during the surgery and will therefore not feel any pain. Your pet will be given pain medication after the surgery. This pain medication will be given until your pet is feeling back to normal.

What are the steps to having my pet spayed?

  1. Call us at (314) 383-4677 to schedule an appointment for us to examine your pet, and make sure any vaccines that are due get done. We will schedule the appoint for the spay at this time. We do all surgeries on Tuesdays, if needed we can keep your pet over night if you can not bring them in that morning/ or pick them up that night.
  2. On the day of their surgery our doctor will perform a physical exam, and discuss the surgery and anesthesia with you before you leave your pet with us for the day.
  3. Blood testing may be recommended before surgery to reduce anesthetic risk. We will discuss your individual pet's needs with you. Please call anytime during the day to check on your pet's condition and to determine their pick up time.
  4. Your pet will be ready to go home the evening of the procedure.
  5. Home car instructions will be thoroughly explained before your pet is discharged that evening. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you might have.
  6. We have found that the pets recover and return to their regular behavior quickly, to live out their lives without the burden of unwanted litters. You can also feel satisfied that you have done your part to control the pet population as well as an important part of disease prevention for your pet.

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